A talented MC born in Leytonstone growing up around MC’s which inspired him to become one, his journey of an independent artist with a law background chose to fulfil his dream as a music artist.

An active participant in the UK Hip-Hop/rap and grime scene since 2011 through his mixtape series “LemziFreeBies,” radio appearances and various live shows. With a myriad of collaborations and performances since this period to the present day, there is always something new and exciting being planned.  LEMZI has featured on Sky News, London Live, BBC One, BBC Radio London, Reprezent Radio, sold out a headline show in Richmix Main Space, was voted as MSGLondon artist of the Month (January 2019) and released his debut album, LEKI, independently. He is an active member of his community In Waltham Forest. Watch and find out about the connection to Lemzi’s Home.


Commissioned By: Waltham Forest

Director: Ashton John

DOP: David Nwikpo

Sound: Stefan Stefanovic

Editor: Chiara Armentano

AJF 2020 ©

Photography by
Matt Russell

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