an interactive series of short films exploring the residents of Waltham Forest. Home Film Project dives into the past and present of current residents, exploring different cultures and backgrounds unveiling their deeper connections of community and exposing its diversity to answer the question of many interpretations;

What does home mean to us?

Calling Filmmakers, Photographers Journalist Creatives in Waltham Forest

Filmmakers of Waltham Forest. Join a group of fellow filmmakers/ creatives and embark on a five-week free online course to learn and produce your own short documentary related to what Home means in 2021?

Final signup date 6th Aug 2021

11th Aug 7 pm Online

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Resident Films

Here is our series of films.


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Kara at 18 is starting her own photography business. Inspired by growing up around her dads career in the grime music scene and all the awesome collaborations he’s done, she decided to pursue photography as she saw the art form used to document scenes from the music studio.


This incredible woman turned the front of her house into a sweet shop to support her young family before she supported her children through to university and then went on to become a social worker.

Nergiz loves the market and how diverse it is. She just wishes there was more for the youth to do and more resources as a way to tackle crime.


Tyson and his family have been helping the people of Walthamstow look sharp for over 20 years! Tyson took over the family business of selling suits in Walthamstow Market a few years ago. He’s a true hustler and one of the most vibrant members of the market; owning his badge with pride. He moves and operates in and around the market like an opera of sorts...it’s truly theatrical to watch!