The untold story of Sameena’s can only be described as a picture which portraits a thousand words. A booklover always wanting to read and further her education. 

In this short film, Sameena explains what it means to be bound to culture, family and customs.  Married at a young age, unable to pursue her educational goals and dreams but also having to go through racism and inequality, both as a person of colour and as a woman, Sameena never gave up. While married she did not only complete her O-level education but also gained an opportunity with BT.

Given her endless need for knowledge, Sameena refused to give up on her dream and calling, which was to help and support any human soul in need.

Her inspiration toward holistic healing led her to take a journey to Africa. At that point,  she discovered her true calling in spiritual healing.

Today Sameena operates as a life coach, using holistic approaches but also satisfies the body through her delicious Plant-based restaurant.

Watch the film of Sameena’s and find out what Home means to her. 

Commissioned By: Waltham Forest

Director: Ashton John

DOP: David Nwikpo

Sound: Stefan Stefanovic

Editor: Chiara Armentano

AJF 2020 ©

Photography by
Matt Russell

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